What would you guys like to see?

I personally would like an all genmap server.

I would like the map Urban tank fight in the zombies rotation.

Parkour map: lots of pillars and platforms, water below is certain death. Little to no cover. 1CTF.


Just kidding, that would be awesome.

I like this idea.

Just a side note; I tried hosting one myself, although it was Canadian-side so lots of American players lagged a bit. Everybody enjoyed gen maps though, quite lovely (encourages building too).

I fail to see how that’s Minecraftian…

When ever I go on a Canadian server no one talks to me.

Parkour is mincrefty.

as far as i’m aware hompy made a new game mode based on Soldat’s game mode “Infiltration”. it seems pretty interesting and i think aloha would do a good job hosting it like all the other game modes they host.

I want to see the new game mode hompy made.

Go on the server ‘Rescue Shams pony’