What programs do i use to make signatures?

Hello guys,
please post a signature making program below

A reliable one

if you want to get more technical you could use several freeware programs

paint.net- the easiest UI you could learn
gimp- A little bit complicated then Paint.net but it has more options
sumo paint- It is online. http://www.sumopaint.com/

or you could buy you own


GIMP is all I ever need.

I have Paint.net, but I personally think it’s UI is horrendous and hard to use.

If it’s Windows 7 paint, then I agree with you there.

GIMP is a good program, I use it when i want to add transparency or drop shadows to my images or something.

if you use sumo paint, then how fdo you add it to this website as a signature

Photoshop! \o/

LMGTFY----->CLICKY :stuck_out_tongue:


Here I made you a forum sig you can use if you want.


umm that look like a good one, how to use it as a sig?
And do you mind if you just take the ‘A’ away? no one calls me a virus anymore, just VIRUS is fine, thanks!


Just go to PROFILE>>>FORUM PROFILE and in the signature box add this code:


You can also save the file and upload to any file/img host you like such as flickr or imgur.


Geez, thanks for using your own time for this! BTW what program/website you used?

For this I just used Gimp. I do my fair share of Photoshopping as well but Gimp works nicely for simple stuff like this and doesn’t suck up a whole lot of system memory.

k,kool.Thanks anyway…