What is the map order for the top ten arena maps?

Plz tell me!

minideckarena, avstorage, indiaarena, generator2, planeassault, avseafort, prisonbreak, nuketown, avsmallfortress, facingworldsarena

In that order

If you ever wanna know in any server just do /showrotation. I’m pretty sure it’s a public command.

Yup, it’s public

Wait facingworlds is running?
Time to play arena.

'tis not a bad map, i just think its wayyyyyyyyy to dark, i can barely see when i play it.

I actually like facingworldsarena; it’s one of the few arena sniping maps. I can still do better with the rifle on avstorage, though. Lol

I’ve 1-manned the entire opposing team before.
And, subsequently, got banned.

votekicked, or banned?
cause last time I did it, I didn’t get banned… or voted.
I miss all the fun…

Hahahahah too much skill.