What is 'Illegal' on the aloha.pk servers

i am an aspiring admin.

i thought it would be nice if the laws of ace of spades where clearly outlined.

anyone care to assist me?

One definate,which I think everyone knows,no hacking whatsoever.

cheating is a big no-no.

griefing is frowned upon and doing it excessively is bad mmkay?

we like to let players feel free to play without worrying about interference from admins, so rage and what not is generally ok but please try to keep it respectful. we’ll probably end up stepping in if someone is doing something beyond the boundaries of the gameplay that’s ruining the experience for others.

this is regarding my admin app,
my ign is now {EPIC}wayne

No griefing or hacking(aimbots).
Usually, no spam or foul language.
Act like a friend to all, and if you catch someone hacking/griefing report them to #aloha on the IRC - Quakenet.com

General Netiquette in effect at all times, I’d say. Although…it never seems to be…but it should be. Nothing wrong with a little friendly trash talking but people start throwing out some “hurtful” words and accusations as you rack up killing sprees from people running up their stairs in Babel, in single-file groups :stuck_out_tongue: