What is happening mates

Well, today i was about to play on a aloha.pk server but when i opened build and shoot server list to see it, where are the aloha.pk servers? I wanted to know what happened, if you guys are updating the servers or something :3

i hacked the servere, sorry
game come back tomorow

Unfortunately, aloha.pk servers are experiencing technical difficulties. Hopefully they will be back soon, but currently there is no ETA.

what is “ETA”?

Estimated Time of Arrival. No ETA means we don’t know exactly when the servers will be up and running.

Oh i see

You have been rapported to servere adams.Enjoy youre ban.

our primary disk got corrupted, had to reload the OS and restore from a backup. everything should be good to go, mostly back to normal… please do let us know if anything isn’t working

ever since the servers are back you cant have emotes in your name on babel anymore :relaxed:
this was happening on pinpoint before server went down

aw cmon i just loose 300 fkn kills on aloha ranks

I went from #191 to #22something, I feel your pain lol.