What are they up to? Grandy and Influx edition

We’d like to showcase what two of our veteran AoS community members, @Influx and @Grandy, have been up to!
Watch this video, courtesy of @Grandy, to get a look at his 2v2 gamemode alongside the amazing mapmaking skills of @Influx on his brand new map, Eglise!

These two have also been creating a space to help budding map-makers improve, whether directly or just by seeing what they’ve done/do! Here’s a snippet from @Grandy that explains their vision:

A reminder to any and all mapmakers to join our @aos-mapmaker group on our Groups page! Also, we recently set up a Discord channel for our wonderful and creative mapmakers! :smile:

Thank you for sharing your creations and progress with everyone, @Grandy and @Influx!

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Eglise looks incredible :heart_eyes: