What AoS will you choose?

So I want to know what the rest of the community is going to do. I know I am going with Build and Shoot. In case you don’t know, Build and Shoot is set up to preserve 0.75 and to be a place for the old community or people who don’t like what Jagex is doing to hang out. Once Jagex drops .75, you can go to Build and Shoot to play.

Link: www.buildandshoot.com

Pay for an altered version of the game that no longer resembles what we love and is hosted by a foreign company wanting to make money, or sticking with the old community? The choice seems obvious.

inb4 bias.

1.0 looks like a p2p TF2 to me.
Also there won’t be Aloha.

BnS ftw.


Well if 10 bucks will make my pink blocks look better. I guess 1.0 is best for me. (:

I can see why. It does look cool but the reason that makes the long-time AoS people hate 1.0 is major change. The change is that Jagex are the only people who can host servers and making it a lot like TF2 which Mat^2 would not have done that. I was here since 0.70 and I like the original ace of spades much better, mainly because 1.0 will have no aloha and it is very much like TF2.

Why one or the other and not both?

From what I see AoS will head into a completely different direction and they will become two different games. If AoS turns out to be fun I’ll play it. If B&S succeeds in keeping 0.75 alive, well, nothing really changes so why stop playing it if it’s still the fun as it used to be. It’s all about the entertainment-factor.

I dont have a credit card do I have no choice.

Wait Drebbel, do you even play at all?

That is a good question lol

Read AoS as Jagex-AoS, because I think from december 1 that will be the only game named AoS, right? And as you know that one cannot be played yet. Duh.

I’ll probably end up buying or cracking 1.0.

But I may or may not play it depending.

1.0 will be interesting to see grow and I will check videos of it, if seems good enough I will try, otherwhise > BaS

Good idea. I’m going to watch some YouTube videos on it and if it’s good enough, then I’ll get it. I’ll probably end up going back to 0.75 though.

I’m gonna keep playing Voxlap AoS cuz I love it and I’m gonna buy 1.0 to try it out and kinda use it as a virtual paper-weight for my Steam library. I’ll probably be posting a in-depth review of the game once it comes out and when I can get my hands on it.

nice, i’ll read it craft. As for me you can count on seeing me on BaS. I dont hate jagex or version 1.0 because theres a big difference between P2P and P2W. ;D I like to support older type games. Plus rocket launchers and c-4 are things that will kill the concept of skill.

Sticking with with BnS… Can’t imagine servers run by… Jagex admins…

Im watching the developement of ace of spades 1.0. Right now the game seems to get destroyed because the miner can grief everything. But maybe it doesnt gets as bad as everyone is saying. I like the new graphic ,even if it seems to nut run on my computer :-\ So it depends on Jagex ,if im buying aos 1.0

I was, of course, ticked when Jagex bought AOS, but they turned me off at “Jetpacks”.

omg amazing article. Definately worth reading.