Welcome to the workshop!

Hey, this is a place to post content for Ace of Spades (and OpenSpades).

Consider using tags like [MAP] [KV6] [PACK] [SCRIPT] [REQUEST] or whatever in your topic title to help people know what you’re doing

Shout out to israelleelll for the idea

PS: Please post below if you can think of a better name for this subforum

How about “Mods”


Oh, can we get even more subforums for each individual type of mod? If I want grenade skins I don’t really want to scroll through maps or server scripts.

Thanks for reporting,

  • dt

I think this way is a little easier to moderate and browse, and the tags should keep it relatively searchable (you can limit a search to just this subforum).
Not to mention I’m probably not going to be able to think of all the different subforums that would entail

Oh don’t you worry about that dankeypoo. We’ve got that covered. :slight_smile: Just hand over the admin rights to me and Kuuni for a few and we’ll do all that tedious, time wasting work for you. We’ll think of every possible subforum that would ever be necessary and you can just sit back and sip your pina colada while we do all this troublesome riff-raff.

That sounds like an actual nightmare I would have

Nightmare? I can’t speak for Kuunypoo, but I would take excellent care of the forums! Just like Reuben is actually a great moderator even though you wouldn’t think it (even though he might be gaining the powers of moderator deviously).

I’ll see if I can find a forum plugin or something to get the best of both worlds

Thanks, you won’t regret it. :slight_smile:

oh God please don’t let the world end now, here, with this lot



Negative nancy, please keep your bad vibes to yourself. :slight_smile:

Eh, I’m personally fine with “The Workshop”.
Although the tags are a weird decision, I like it.

Good idea, and The Workshop is a good name :slight_smile:

i think it would be “the workshop” or just “workshop”
not “The Workshop” with upper case
so we keep izzy’s style