We have an AOS map repository, how about an AOS script repository?

We have an AOS map repository, how about an AOS script repository? It makes sense. Piqueserver does not bundle in most of the scripts that you would (probably) want. Just a few months ago a guy on the BnS discord was asking for the sauerkraut zombies script. But it wasn’t even present in IamYourFriends’ Github repository. Making a repository full of AOS scripts, both new and old would make it easier to find all the scripts and use them in your servers. Say you want a script that you only see on certain servers and can’t find a download for it anywhere else. Not being able to get the script is kind of sad, as it may have been a script that you would really want to use. It would also be cool if most server hosters right now donate all the scripts they host now and used to host to the repository. May really help future server hosters instead of making them go on a wild goose chase to find the scripts and gamemodes. :smiley:

hey there, replying to a 6 month old post

IAmYourFriend has something like that in case you wanna check it out. There’s a bunch of cool scripts over here.

I know that, I was referring to most of the other scripts and gamemodes

We’re actually working on something that would allow the public to access most of our scripts. It’ll hopefully be done soon!

Hi, I was looking into scripts recently and this may be already resolved by now, but any updates on this endeavor?

You can find/submit scripts in our AoS Modding/Scripts section: Scripts - aloha.pk community

Otherwise we have our spades-public repo, GitHub - aloha-pk/spades-public: Public aloha.pk AoS server stuffs. Mainly pique scripts and legacy pyspades scripts. The spades-public repo is accessible to everyone! Please refer to the README for more information., where you can find scripts that we use and are able to share.

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