Want to shoot girls?

Sorry my english is bad.

I think no one will argue that the game is at least in stagnation. But in my observation, it is degrading: there are fewer players, and more cheaters.
I started playing Spades at the end of 17 / beginning of 18 (I don’t remember exactly). Then in the evenings there were two almost full babel servers, and there was also this Polish hallway server, also almost full. And sometimes epic mixes took place on a tow server. Recently, even the only babel server is not always full.
Why is that? Because players do not get new positive experiences, but they get negative ones.
What can be done to improve the situation with positive experience? We can improve game modes and the core of the game.
But improving game modes often rests on limiting the core of the game: the 0.75 protocol severely limits the developer. And although I have a couple of ideas, and one, Jipok and I even implemented it, but I will talk about this in another post.

Changing the core of the game is now extremely difficult because the community is divided. And if we want to bring something new, then: first, the developers of the client and server parts must agree on a protocol change, then actually write new versions of the programs, and then users must upgrade to these new versions. And aloha servers that have their own servers stand apart, and they also need to add them.

I already hear angry comments: “Deceiver, where are the girls?!”
Now you’ll understand everything yourself, because I’m writing not about some abstract problems, no. Let’s take a relatively simple task: introducing individual skins into the game so that everyone can choose the type of their character, for example, a girl with a crossbow, and those around them will see this. (And they could shoot)))
And after all, it would seem that everything is not so complicated: the base of skins has been laid out for a long time on the network, and the “player” object is not difficult to assign a new “skin” property. So what’s the problem?
Answer: joint efforts are needed, and the community is fragmented.

so no head?