ive got a suggesion that should improve the aloha servers. My idea is that trusted members and guards should be able to votekick griefers/aimbotters-only needing a few votes-without having to wait for 25%(or something like that) of the game to kick them. I mean, if the guards and trusted members are…well… trusted, why not give them the chance to help even more?

That a brilliant idea! But…they might want to see if the whole server wants the guy to be kicked or not

Also, they should add a false votekick. Its just like a votekick but it can’t actually kick people trolololo. So when it has enough votes it DOESN’T kick them!

+999999999999999999999999, full support.

That false votekick unnecessarily complicates things…seems like a good idea, but in implementation it probably isn’t.

I think we should lower the number needed, but not too much (perhaps 2-3 votes less), since it’s not impossible for trusted players to abuse their powers.
Guards really don’t need this power at all, they can just togglebuild griefers and togglekill aimbotters, then pin them down with a votekick until they leave and self-ban.

what about lowering the votekick success requirement for anyone who starts it while logged in to 15% or so?

@Reki: The false votekick idea was supposed to be a terrible one :slight_smile:

@Izzy: Sounds cool.

Couldnt this be also abused…by lets say someone like Anus? I think that trusted players idea is safer because admins aren’t always around, especially a griefer-ridden server like Pinpoint.

while logged in. they would have to be logged in as admin/moderator/guard/trusted in order to benefit from the lower % requirement for a votekick to be successful.

yep, that wasmy original idea xD

izzy has the logs for the servers. He can check if the reason was useless

Oh since I’m neither this doesnt apply to me.

Should the lowered percentages be the same, or graduated across the levels?

i was thinking the same, but they could be graduated across the levels - highest % for trusted accounts.

15% still needs 5 yes votes on a full server, so it’s not like an abuser could wreak havoc.

Only problem with the idea. Who is gonna make the script?
Anyone nice idea

Amazing great ideas everyone eccept for the false votekick, I don’t even know how that can help.

This is a great idea because nomally votekicks don’t work, people don’t vote, people don’t know how to vote!, people don’t care, people are AFK, people are on their side even though they know they hack/grief/or what ever, people try to defend and you aventully get votekicked yourself, that is some of the reasons.

I agree what GamingFTW sayed all the way :slight_smile:

The false votekicks was supposedly for trolling.

I pretty much agree with your post GFTW.

And the false votekicks were supposed to be extremely stupid GFTW.