Votekicking System

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Well berretarboy, first thanks for taking time to make this thread.

You are right. I know that it is pretty annoying to kick hackers on arena maps.
Mostly, a lot people go afk after they got killed and players who play witg the hackers dont vote too.
But the votekick shouldnt be reduced imo for serval reasons:

1.It is kind a protection against votekick abuse. Some Players think that they are cool by kicking people with the reason cause you have no swag or cause you are ugly. Imagine there are less votes needed to kick them… The player played legal and has now no chance to play for 30 minutes. Mostly some strange guys still vote /y…

  1. It is protection for skilled players who have no trusted password too. In Arena, Most people get kicked because they won a 1vs4 although it isnt difficult. Imagine how many skilled pkayers would be kicked if we would reduce the votes who are needed.

  2. You werent lucky. Mostly, one admin is availble if you use /admin. I like that you used it, but it was bad luck that nobody was availble. But please use this command in future too, because it is the best way to get help.

I am sorry that it was so bad for you, but I dont think that the scrpt will be changed because it works well and there are only a few persons who complain, but nothing is or can be perfect.

Please enjoy playing on our servers and more luck next time dude, maybe cya ingame.