Not sure if you can control the way it works, but requiring players from both teams to vote doesn’t work well. So far I have seen 3 people kicked for being a ‘NIGGER FAG’ or something similar, when all they were doing is playing really well. The other team just puts up a vk then /y’s their way to victory. When there is an actual griefer or teamkiller the other team just refuses to vote.

And before someone asks, yup, I’m posting this because I now have some time to kill after being vk’d for sapping a house that enemy snipers were using to hide in. They did not like me sapping their house.

there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to votekicking. you’re describing the pyspades votekick feature, which is even better than the vanilla server’s votekick. it’s just the way it is right now, so my advice is to try to make the best of it and contact us when there’s a problem so we can deal with those who are abusing it. our % requirements for successful votekicks are higher than default specifically to counter abuse but i know it’s still far from perfect. please report abusers, thanks!

PLEASE fix /votekick!!


  1. Allow for killing teammates if they nade your construction repeatedly. Currently only works for if they shoot/shovel bash your stuff.

  2. LOVE the idea of only needing your team to vote on VK, cause YOUR TEAM knows who the greifers are, the other side can only take your word for it…

Maybe make the “team only” vk have a less time ban, but easier to enforce (fewer team only votes)? This way you can let repentant players back in, but kick them as soon as they revert to greifing.

I love your servers the most, please make them even better. :slight_smile:

***** Scenarios: *****

  1. Blue guy goes to green, wrecks all their construction, then goes back to blue. Can’t kick cause no blue guys want to kick him.

  2. 2 or more Greifers just wrecking stuff on your team. Can’t kick because one vote times out, and then there is a huge delay in calling another vote, meanwhile, the game just sucks as you watch everything you’ve built get demolished…

  3. Once a chronic greifer is on the server, they get kicked, and are back in a minute with a new name, and they rinse and repeat. Some of these people just want to piss people off. (they sit and watch you fix, then they break again) If this is allowed to continue with no resolution from admins, then Ace of Spades is doomed. PLEASE HELP!!

  4. A guy greifs the crap out of you, then you call a vote, he apologizes, you /cancel, then they start greifing again. Then you can’t call another vote!!! I have had this happen a number of times, ugh!!

griefing has always been a big problem in this game. it’s not as bad as it used to be thanks to tools in pyspades and such, but it’s still a problem on all servers that won’t go away until the game itself offers better anti griefing solutions.

the problem with lowering the votekick threshold too much is it can be abused too easily by griefers who kick out innocent players. the current threshold is high enough that it’s difficult to be abused but still possible to kick out the troublemakers. also we use a team switch cooldown that’s higher than the default to discourage people from changing teams only to grief the enemy.

i wasn’t aware you can’t kill a teammate who destroys stuff with nades, that would be a bug in the game. i’ll pass this info on so it can get fixed. you know you have to be on your team’s side of the map for team killing to work, right?

i’ll also pass on your team-only votekick idea, maybe someone will like it enough to code it into pyspades. you’re always free to contribute your own pyspades scripts if you know Python

thanks for sharing your concerns. my best advice for now is to try to find an admin, most of us can be found on QuakeNet IRC in the #aloha, #aos.aloha, and #aos channels.