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I’m still new to the forum, so apologies if this thread is in the incorrect section!
I’ve been playing Ace of Spaces since 0.26 back in 2011, and after purchasing the new version I was supremely disappointed, and continued to play on the Aloha servers as I had in 2011. But the one thing I always noticed was that the votekicks were ineffective. Often times, hackers and griefers would simply continue doing just that, without any fear of being kicked, because the vote would always end up one or two votes short.
Please reduce the amount votes needed to kick a player by 2-4 votes.
I have never seen a player unfairly kicked before, on Aloha servers I’ve seen the votekick feature used only to remove griefers and hackers.
Just today I was on an Aloha server with 3 hackers/griefers, only one was taken out, and the rest continued, absolutely ruining the game experience and making 10+ people leave.
I love Ace of Spades, and the Aloha servers have always been a go-to when I want some quick fun, but it’s becoming harder and harder to enjoy the game when hackers and griefering continue to ruin the experience without any retribution.
Thanks for reading, I hope you were able to take what I said to heart!

Hi Cookiescool2!

Don’t worry, you posted this in the appropriate place :slight_smile:

The votekick system works with how many people are on the server. If there are more people occupying the server, a higher number of votes are needed to send the votekick through. If there are less people on the server, then less votes are needed.

We try to keep the number of votes needed (based on how many people are on the server) to an appropriate number so 1) A small group of friends aren’t able to randomly kick whoever they dislike. and 2) It’s not completely impossible to kick a hacker.

Unfortunately, there HAS been instances when players have been unfairly kicked, whether it was suspected for hacking or some stupid, random reason. Although, I do have to admit that the votekick system doesn’t work against some hackers. (Some players refuse to vote or or are afk).

Because of that, the staff will discuss whether it would be beneficial to lower the number of votes needed. Thanks for bringing this up Cookie!

May you guys please stop the snarky replies? They don’t contribute to the discussion.

Well, I guess I’m sorry for being facetious in this very serious and meaningful discussion and ask you to give me a second chance to contribute to the conversation!


This is a fucking good idea, dont even need to fix the votes needed, but low they, when the room is full is impossible to vk the haxor, always had deuces who dont know how to vote, teaming and afks

Wanted to see if Aloha reachs a conclusion
This week-end aloha servers was impossible to play
Today we banned 7 hackers less than 20 minutes in arena by votekick, but when we ban one, 2 more come
I think aloha should nerf the votekicks or put more Moderators/Server Guards on the servers
Is being impossible to play