Votekick, or the impossible challenge ?

Hello everybody !

I played on your servers for a while and I want to say thank you for the hours of fun you give me.

But I also noticed a LOT of hackers/griefers in your server. Good thing your server got a votekick system. But everytime I use it/someone use it, I never, and I say NEVER see someone getting kicked by this way. Plus, I never saw an admin on your servers (Even if I know you got a lot of them).

So, before suggesting stuff like, as you can see in the poll, “Reduce the number of votekick needed to X”, I want to know : how many players do we need to kick someone ?

Thanks you for your answers :wink:

Id like to ask what server you most frequent so I know to spend more time supervising that server.

Votekicks do fail a lot of the time because people choose to not vote (or can’t even read the vote because they don’t understand english), but more often than not, I think it’s a good thing that some votekicks fail.

I’m only speaking from experience on Babel, but there are handfuls of people who make votekicks that shouldn’t have been started in the first place:

  • Some childish player is convinced that just because this one player is killing them so often, the player that’s killing them MUST be an aimbotter or cheater of some kind. This happens far too often.
  • There are votekicks made against actual aimbotters who are grinding whole teams away in seconds flat just by walking up to them, but then the aimbotter tries to votekick the person who tried to kick him or her.
  • There are votekicks that are just…plain nonsense and full of lies made against legitimate players who aren’t causing trouble. More often than not, I see this kind of thing being pulled by non-english players…and then all the other non-english players immediately vote “YES” on the votekick. These are the worst.

Those kinds of votes always get some five to nine “YES” votes, because there are people who don’t pay attention to what’s been going on, people who jump to rash conclusions, people who don’t understand what the vote is for or what lead up to it…

I’d be afraid of what kinds of trouble we’d run into if the number of prerequisite votes for a votekick were lowered. While it would be a great thing to get actual troublemakers - griefers and cheaters - kicked, I think it would lead to legitimate players being kicked for poor reasons more than anything else.

But hey, if votekicks don’t work, you can always try contacting an admin to come check things out using the “/admin” command. Haha, slow as I am, I only just learned about it. But it works most of the time.

(Whoooooooa, that…reply turned out much longer than I thought. o__o )

Actually, I mostly play on ctf and tow servers, but I wasn’t aware of the /admin command, I didn’t found it in the /help. I’ll do that next time I found a cheater. Thanks for your answers anyway :wink:

In my opinion, a votekick should be a ratio, The entire team of the person being votekicked must vote yes and half of the other team, or vice versa, 12 on green 11 on blue George Clooney is being votekicked for “aimbotting” 18 people needed.
something like that
but, the way it works now still is goods
for all I know though, this is how it is done, I dont pay enough attention to the ratios.

You know what that means? That means no votekick will ever go through. Ever.

Maybe that’s what he wants? Lol. I was thinking the same thing, that’s like a 75% vote, that’s insane.

However, most votekicks do not go through the first time; if, however, there is a player actually hacking people are usually pretty quick to boot, but as Shou said (in laments terms) there are many factors that go into Vote Kicking.

Votekick abuse is a HUGE problem. I don’t ever votekick someone unless they’re glitching or it’s just too obvious that they are hacking (using Aimbot more often than not). It’s very hard to see when someone is just using a wall hack to find people, but after a while it can start becoming a little more obvious (still never enough to vote kick). It doesn’t increase their shooting so to speak, more just their “hide-and-seek” abilities.

There is far more votekick abuse than anything else; I often find players trying to votekick because someone is “being an a**hole” or just some other stupid childish reason. Sometimes people joke with it with their friends (which is funny, but shouldn’t be done regardless; the regulars of the servers need to set good examples).

I don’t think anything should be done about the votekick. What needs to start doing is averaging the amount of votekicks across the servers every day using the logs then find out how many votekicks were not legitimate as oppose to those that were. It’s a lot of manual labor, but it would be worth it I think; I used to do the same thing for one of my jobs except it was with internet leads for people trying to buy cars lol (Much, MUCH larger database to deal with).

I like that idea, but its not like I got a vote on it, :P, But that was my general idea, so the retards are not able to kick people for just ‘being an a%%hole’

Our challenge is to find the perfect number/ratio where reasonable and legitimate votekicks will go through but unbased and frivolous votekicks won’t.

There was previously an idea where trusted members or higher would get a lower percentage needed to pass votekicks, but that never went anywhere (likely, the concept was too difficult and impractical to implement and was subsequently scrapped).

Moreover, there exists another problem, perhaps more critical due to the way it’s intrinsic to the votekick system:
even presuming that the votekicks go through, the time ranges for punishing a griefer/hacker and that for annoying a legitimate player are not mutually exclusive.

We can’t satisfy both conditions, and trying to do so would only fail both goals.
30 minutes is too short for griefers/hackers to feel adequately punished for what they did…they’ll just come back again, grief some more, and have the cycle repeat endlessly.
On the other hand, legitimate players probably won’t want to wait out the ban, and I predict that they’ll move on to another game during the wait.

Personnally, I think there’s only one real way to kick/ban someone that deserve it : admins.

Give the ability to the players to call an admin could be a way better that the actual votekick system, because a lot of you say it : it can’t be trusted.

If that doesn’t work, head over to our IRC, and keep messaging the admins (people with @ in front of their name) until we notice you.