Votekick Abuse

I was unfairly banned today, because I’m NOT a hacker and my AIM is not high, while the true hacker are there, this is very unfair for me, it was not in a fair vote, I was banned by an admin, because he kick me.

tower of babel

I don’t see your name in the banlist, if you were going as “kike” in game.

Are you sure you weren’t votekicked?

Por favor indícanos a que hora ocurrió esto, y tu nombre que usaste durante el juego, así sabremos más de lo que pasó.

He was just votekicked, happends all the time, let him be, 30 minutes have passed since his kick anyway.

Yes, because right now i can see him playing on babel.
Así que sólo fue un votekick, por favor checa que despues de media hora puedas jugar, antes de venir a quejarte.
Que tengas buen día.