Votekick Abuse

Some of you may know , Some of you may don’t . well I am demonslash who used to play a lOOng time ago and was a very good player.

What happened-

I have quit minecraft so I came back to play aos . First , I had a warm up with my smg . Everyone appreciated me and I also told them I used to play a long time ago . I switched to rifle after some matches , and at the same time some new players jumped in to play . I was way too hard to beat for them , so one of them votekicked me . he keeped spamming do/y , do/y and many new people did /y as they Don’t know me . Some players , who kNEW I am not cheating , did/y without reading the votekick . And at the end , said ’ Didnt knew the votekick was on you demonslash ’ and as soon as these words came on the screen and I read them I was surprised to see they kicked me . Why do they think I hack ? Because I am too hard to beat for them . If this keeps happening , then there will be a trouble . For example If any pro returns and ppl dont know him and he is very good at aos will they KICK HIM! . It felt so bad when I was kicked for reason hack . Flerikko too trained me . I also learned from rozer ( just by spectating him ) . Just Imagine how someone will feel when he did very hard work to create a animation , working nonstop some weeks and found that he forgot to set keyframes.

Thank you for contributing your precious time to this thread :frowning:

Hope you don’t get banned like that , Because these noobs keep votekicking pros for NO REASON .

And yeah on anal nuketown server some noobs also banned flerikko its so common now.

  • DemonSlash ( sad when he made this thread) :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Kutton Ko chullubhar pani mai dubake marne ka maen kar raha hai

Wait guys , I AM BANNED! Omg please unban me so unfair!!

Sad but true

Ikr .
I did so much hard work to become a good player only to face this situation!

The reason they votebanned me was for wallhack…

Proof of innocence.

They were shouting in global chat , we will rush here , there , somewhere.

And then saying I wallhack.

Another proof

Any good player knows sprinting makes noise , So i sneak and run towards the voice .

People who spectated me that time will know this obviously and

they were the ones who did /y by mistake


It would be very funny if it wasn’t true. You see, it’s like in the Team Fortress 2’s promo-video called “Meet the Sniper”. One of the lines say “Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”. Those are three rules, that every FPS player should know, so let’s break them down.

  1. “Be polite.”: Sure, sometimes you’ll see “good apples”, that don’t swear, but most of the time, you will see people calling you a total jerk for killing them.

  2. “Be efficient.”: This rule is really not followed, since if you work too efficiently, you can get banned for hacks, and that’s no good. However, if you’ll be not very efficient, then the whole team would blame you for losing.

  3. “Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”: Basically, you get the point.

People mostly follow rules number 2 and 3, however they forgot the rule number 1.

TL;DR: It’s people’s fault, that you are getting votekicked, not yours. People are just salty.

Once there was a stupid 10 yr old who wanted to animate . Whenever he tried to animate , everyone told him you cant animate . Then One day he finally came to know that he can animate . He started animating . And finally , He made a animation . Next day , He yelled about himself . Why? His own sister deleted his animation.

Once there was a stupid player named demonslash and he did a lot of practice to become a pro . Everyone told him he can’t do anything , but he did . He knew he could do it . He left aos to play minecraft and when he returned , he got banned for killing ppl .

Why I am so stupid that I made this thread …

I will never use sniper now . I will only use it to punish hackers . My rip sniper

You aren’t stupid for making this thread. It’s not your fault, it’s the community’s. Don’t blame yourself.
Also, R.I.P Sniper. :frowning:

i know this is kinds old but i just wanted to know, why don’T you apply to be a trusted user? being a trusted user grants you the power of not being kicked when you are logged in. I used to have the same problem but now it’s fixed and i’m now known by every1 playing on CS maps on a regular basis. I like to switch my name from time to time and admins probably don’t like me for doing that but i only login to cancel kicks than i logout so… eh
Anyways as i said, apply to be a trusted user and even if they decline you, I mean, it’s not the end of the world.
Also, which server are you playing on? I play everyday and I didn’t saw you around at all

If you’re constantly being votekicked, as stated by twodayudie, apply for trusted.
Also, even though it’s a problem, we can’t do anything about it unless there is a staff member online to cancel it, so complaining about it won’t do any good sadly.
Also, if “pros” come back and start getting votekicked, they usually apply for trusted, or they already have trusted.

I Feel You m8…