Having suffered yet another game yesterday where at first one griefer repeatedly (10 times?) sunk the tent, and where later two other griefers spent their time taking down various team towers (map layout prevents building inside of protected area. Godstairs 2 maybe?), I once more URGE Aloha admins to introduce a /votebuild option. A sucessfull votebuild would take away a player’s building and block removal priveleges , and only a team mate can be voted for. I do not see much potential for abuse, and I am pretty sure that it would be an effective tool against griefers.

…And before anyone mentions reporting: I sent numerous messages to admins as this was going on. No response.

Yes this is a good idea. Often the staff are too busy doing silly kicks/bans/mutes or simply napping on the job. Give the power to the ordinary players who make the game what it is, not the self-interested and absent staff!

/votekick is not intended as an attack on the staff.
However, there simply can not be admins available at all times, and this tool would allow a team to rescue it’s structures without gaining an unfair advantage on the other team.

typo, /votebuild rather than /votekick