Villagers suck

Sorry about the sloppy commentary, it was about 4AM. Alcohol may have been involved.


5:13 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :wink:

Why are you enslaving these mindless fools for your farm? Villagers need more rights and freedom.

The best part? It’s not three villagers in the box. It’s one villager per box. No, Two, I didn’t “fuck up a little bit”. It’s that you suck at passing information. How was I to know? ESP?

Well I’m sorry if I offended your villagers. They aren’t mindless fools and are very well at doing their various jobs.


I knew he was drunk the second he said “Haller efryone”

Activator rails > pistons


I don’t know enough about activator rails to tell if they’d have worked. We had really limited space to work in, and I had a really limited inventory. I had exactly two pistons so they got the job. :slight_smile: At one point I had to send a cart half-way up, hold it there, then tear up the rails to finish the trip.

I am going to check them out though; from the video they look like a good tool for the toolbox.