Video overview of Ace of Spades Classic game modes

CraftDinur who is a longtime admin made a six and a half minute video compilation to briefly showcase the various game modes that are available to play right now in Ace of Spades Classic. it’s a friendly and quick watch. be sure to try any game modes that interest you! 8)

I was the human he was chasing at 3:41 :DD

Oh my god I can’t believe this is being showcased :smiley:
Thanks so much izzy!

Got a nice bump in views from this (~20 to 60+ in a few days). I’ll hopefully be doing some more commentaries later this weekend when I’m not nearly as busy. I’m also trying to develop a sort of tips and tricks playlist later on, first topic probably something like wall-popping. Other than that thanks for all the views, likes and subscribes. Even though it’s not a lot it still means a lot to me and I’d like to say thanks ;D

I’ve already suscribed :stuck_out_tongue: Oh btw good commenting.

Awesome video CraftDinur! That will be very helpful to new people :slight_smile:

i was in when he was playing Hallway… OH YEAH!!!

Great Job Dinur
Side Note: Your voice almost made me sleepy. :slight_smile:

@CraftDinur How did you make the chat box have a black background, and how did you have the your cordinate location on the minimap? Is it a mod?

it’s modloader.

Man Craft your voice gonna fall sleep man. But a well presented and interesting video. Nicely balanced and clear and concise.

tried to be more serious in that video (i thought izzy or someone might post it for newbies to see so i didn’t want to sound like a 3 year old girl) so it came out a little dry :p. if you look at my other vids it’s less monotonic

I wish more people got on classicgen :frowning: