Vavle Made video games(and others)

any body who born like in after 2 or 3 years after Doom was out you may rememebr the legendary video games like Counter-Strike 14 years old Team fortress Half Life and DoTA yeah we khow them all we heard them all we see them all but vavle is some what too lazy(but updates from Team fortress 2,CS:GO so no shit there :P) but players seem to like the older games than then new ones but still i like Call Of duty or battle filed like Jagex’s ace Of spades why it does have a good comunity why is BnS is still avlive this time the BnS players HATE Jagex because they remade the game that it suck a helivy upgrades voxlap for like 15 dollors? dafuq jagex?(but steam keep sending me e mail about steam sales(i will continute do this 2 morrow too damn lazy)

Dat engilsh

I can’t believe its so painful to read without proper punctuation.


Doom II was the first game i experienced on the internet! and i was super addicted to playing Quake 1 Threewave CTF online, it was the first game that kept me up until sunrise every day! such great fun.