[UPDATE 1] Gauging Interest: Beyond Reality Server


It seems like we’ve got a good number of people showing interest!
So after some fiddling around with the server, with big help from BR and izzy, I’ve gotten the server to run.

Unfortunately, everything’s really laggy and I need to make configuration changes, so it’s unlikely that it will be available to play for a while.

The plan is to first tweak the mods and worldgen a bit to reduce server strain when generating new chunks.
If everything goes as planned, the server should be functional for a small staff group by the end of this week for a beta test.

If that is well-received, maybe we can go public! Probably dreaming too much…

Stay tuned for more info.


Hi folks, been a while since I’ve been on the forums. Good to see everyone’s still doing well~

Anyways, recently in modded Minecraft, GregTech 5 received an unofficial, but officially sanctioned, finalization.

For those who don’t know what GregTech is, it is an overhaul/add-on to the IndustrialCraft system that introduces many mod interactions and rebalances the end-game. IndustrialCraft is an add-on focused on bringing tech into Minecraft. It’s a classic mod, that’s been outmoded due to new mods giving comparable end-game for a fraction of the effort…and GregTech makes it even harder to reach that.

That puts many people off: why spend hours quarrying and developing large processing systems when you can just install Mekanism or Draconic Evolution? Why build a fusion reactor when you can just create a larger tree farm? But one thing it does: it makes for a long, awesome journey. And the journey is what Minecraft’s all about.

Beyond Reality is a modpack that’s centered around GregTech 5 Unofficial. To reach end-game, you’re going to have to invest in it. But it’s got plenty of other cool mods along the way so if you get bored or stuck, you’re not out of luck. You can read the list of mods included here. If I wind up getting this pushed through, we might make configuration changes as necessary to lighten the server/client load or relieve progression bottlenecks.

Obviously, there’s probably going to be an opportunity cost to running this: aloha’s server space and power isn’t infinite, so we might have to take down another game server we’re currently running. If you’re interested though, leave a comment and share your thoughts.

This post wasn’t condoned by any other aloha admins…this is just a personal campaign from yours truly.

if enough people are on-board and fro is on-board I can backup and someone can do this on the now dead public mc server

I would play this over normal MC anyday of the week. More to do and more to mess around and explore with which is what Minecraft is about for me. I already know how to do extensive redstone and cannons and all the other mechanics lack any depth, so this would be nice.

Also, it would be nice to have a build server with gm 1 where Trusted users can get OP so we can build cool minigames with command blocks. :slight_smile:

I will not watch over this if it comes to fruition like I do the private server (even with that I have my shortcomings!!!) - but I can help set it up if necessary, and I will try playing on it if you want :slight_smile:

I have always wanted to try to play modded MC but never gotten into it - so we will see! Reki you can count me in as a supporter and a potential regular player.

I’d play since it’s something fresh.

Even though I put a lot of time into the private server, I’d be happy to try it out :slight_smile:

Fro your already busy as it is, that is why you have more than 1 MCadmin watching your back

I am worried that this may have to run on a different machine - the aloha one is kinda struggling with vanilla MC at times. That’s just from my personal experience.

Do we have any stats on the activity levels in the private server, day to day? Curious about how much usage is being made out of MC in aloha presently.

I see a few people now and then when I pop in. Then again, I only pop in when I notice people around…

I’ve stopped playing vanilla almost entirely because of how boring it feels. Mine iron, rush diamonds, make a mob grinder, wreck the Ender Dragon. Sure, I can impose “challenges” like playing on hardcore or doing a skyblock or skygrid run, but those lose their novelty after a while. But mods are always updating, new content is constantly being added because there’s very little bureaucracy, and new mods always make me consider the game from a new perspective.

Yeah, I was afraid the computer will get a little shaky doing this. We have the full specs of our server somewhere right?

Yeah, full specs are here http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=656.0 I believe the storage is a bit outdated - I know for some time we have been inching towards our capacity.

We have enough RAM, I believe, the problem is the CPU. It’s very good if the game can utilize the multi-core, but MC uses only one core, and that tends to be the bottleneck with this particular server.

I know there is a small number of devout vanilla players, myself included, and then we also have a few more that regularly play on a more weekly basis than daily. This summer I also wanna push the server more into the public eye, as well.

We could consider a less intensive mod, but one that is still balanced and adds a lot of features.