Unique AoS features

I’ve played a ton of AoS throughout the years, but this feature was never that obvious to me :laughing:. Noaa is 100% right, though; it’s something that’s pretty unique but just feels so right.

Are there any other features that are unique or at least rare that you think make the game special? And do they make it better or worse in your opinion :face_with_monocle: :smile:


The fact that we just have 3 guns is unique. I believe that’s one of the reasons why it became popular. These 3 guns are also quite balanced, it’s rather a question of play style

I think what I like the most about AoS is it’s simplicity. No account needed, no DRM, no online store, DLCs or anything that gets in the way of playing.
You don’t need much knowledge to play the game, you’re not bombarded with any confusing dialog boxes or menus when you join.


If the game had more guns, would different ADS speeds be needed? Or is ADS being a constant across all the guns like it is in AoS just good, simplistic design?

not like u can stop anyone from building their own client with different ads speed.
how bout making it optional? a setting where u can toggle wether a global ads speed is applied across all guns or with different individual ads speed preferably all customizable.