unable to launch voxlap client

I started playing aos again but I can’t launch the voxlap client for whatever reason and I am forced to play OS, how do I fix this

I tried reinstalling and it didn’t work
thanks in advance


Maybe try this?

source: Windows 8 + Voxlap FPS fix ♠ BuildAndShoot.com ♠ Ace of Spades Classic / OpenSpades ♠ Free!

Also you might to want to double check your resolution settings in the congfig file.

I had a similar problem - try downloading spadille.

tried topos fix and it didn’t work, spadille didn’t work either
guess i will have to stick to os

Did you try changing your resolution?

I had the same issue but the link I used to resolve it no longer works. It may have been topo’s fix though.

I had it on 800x600 by default, tried different resolutions and it didn’t work