UHC event

Trying to see the interest level of setting up a UHC event for the members of the Aloha Minecraft Community.
It would be held on a given weekend to be determined, on a Saturday or Sunday depending on the masses availability.
It would most likely be run on a version before 1.9 so as to ensure all commands necessary work smoothly.
We have the capability to set up teams and stats of sorts, just like some of the UHC videos you might have seen from Youtuber’s.
Please respond to the poll and comment so as to get an accurate feel for the communities interest.



It would be good to post options of times in advance for votes.

Are we able to team with people out of the aloha.pk community?

Anon & I would be partners again if we do this…if he doesn’t then I call Twoday

Gonna be teams, not a free for all?

Not sure what this is but I’ll be there
If teams… I’m probably going to pick a pro cause I haven’t been on the server for a year probably lol

I’m down!