UHC event

Would like to have another UHC event the weekend of 11/8 11/9.
I can create the map and commands, but would need a server to host if there was a signifigant amount of players.

Anyone interested?

If so, questions would be could we get a dedicated server for the event, who would be allowed or invited(crew and friends only, trusted, public server), anybody interested…???

I could probably join in, and we can just borrow the public or private server for it.

I’m in, depending on the time, of course.

Both dates are a no for me. I have marching band Yamaha Cup stuff. I’m leaving at 9 in the morning, I’m not getting back to the school until 3AM the next day, which means I’m not getting home until almost 4 AM, which means I’m sleeping until like 1 in the afternoon

Oh shoot, I just saw this. If the event could be held at a later date, I would definitely be up for it though if the times are suitable for me.

Just woke up

Pretty sure the event did not happen.

Yea it didn’t, hopefully it can be held at a later date?