UHC Event is Set!!!!

Mode: Minecraft Ultra Hardcore [size=18pt]{Bedrock World Border}
Date: Saturday August 2, 2014
Time: 7pm GMT (11am PST)
Server: crew and friends[/size]

Everyone should log in 15-30 minutes before so we can set up teams, get into mumble chats and spread us around the map.
(When you log in, you will spawn in a courtyard we have created for the event, outside of the actual game playing field)
Lets try to keep this event to around or under 3 hours (Not everybody can play all day)
We understand some people will not be able to attend based on the time of the event alone.
We will look to make future events that accommodate everybody in the future.


  1. No potions of Regeneration(healing ok)
  2. No branch mining for resources(digging in a straight line with out looking for caves)
  3. No nether portal trapping(with lava)

And that’s it.

We will determine the size of teams once we get a headcount.

Interested Players list to date.

  1. Thufman
  2. Jedelas
  3. Barron
  4. Caprex
  5. Froe
  6. Anonymous
  7. Pun
  8. Shell
  9. Sukottogosen
  10. Draco
  11. Captain Kiwi
  12. Scipio
  13. Sniper =)))
  14. DUHsoALEX
  15. Cpt.Derp

[details=Click for details]Mumble can be downloaded here:

Download the client software on the right side of the screen. Installation is pretty simple, as there’s a wizard when you first start the application to help you set up your mic and audio.

I highly recommend using a button to activate it, rather than having your mic turn on automatically when it picks up noise. This is especially true for laptop users or those using a webcam w/ mic. You’ll have this option towards the end of the wizard (my push-to-talk is set to mouse button 5, your scroll button (click, not scroll) is also free in aos for you 3 button mouse owners).

If you choose to do push-to-talk, keep your threshold rather low (so that it’s easier to pick up sounds), this means your blue part of the meter should be small. If instead you are using auto-detect, be sure to keep your threshold toward the high end, or else the rest of us will pick up your game and background noise, which can get quite irritating, especially with 16 people.

Once you’ve setup your microphone, click the picture of the world icon. Then click “Add New” and enter the following:

Label: Aloha
Address: Mumble.aloha.pk
Port: 64738 (unchanged)
Username: Your username. Please stick to your most common username, as after you register, you’ll never get to change it.

For more detailed mumble setup information, check out this post here: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3721.msg34375#msg34375

Once you’re connected, double click on Aloha to put you in that channel. On the event day there will be channels for Each team.[/details]


I’d like to join if you guys don’t mind.


Library is open 10-4 PST that day.

would love to join if possible

I join :slight_smile:

4pm to ~7pm i am unavailable… so

Has the time been decided? Eary in the day would be best for me personally.

11 am PST general start time. Everyone try to get there early for mumble calls, team assignments and stuff. Post has been edited, look there for more info.

That’s a shame, looks like I wont be able to attend this event after all. Was looking forward to recording it too :(.

:frowning: I can’t make it either I’ll be working till 6 mountain time

Gonna be gone, apparently I’m leaving the 2nd and not the 3rd. My mistake. Yeah, caused some problems with work too haha, oh well


How long was the whole UHC?

Screw Thuf’s stupid golden apple.

When is it going to be the next one?

Whenever we want is fine. I did want to do one eventually that was like a friday, saturday or sunday evening thing for U.S eventually. Would like to see a well populated game.

I feel pretty confident about generating a world and implementing all of the UHC related content you would need for a match.