Twodayudie's Glitched OS Pink guns XD

So i was playing around with MagicaVoxel and Slab6 and ended up changing all my guns skins to pink.
When i got back in game, i was surprised to see how ALL of my guns had glitches and i started laughing my ass off.
PS: Thx to Paratrooper for the awesome SMG, Sorry i ruined it a little :wink:

Sorry for the reupload and putting this thread back over here in the Top but i changed the Rifle of the Skin Pack. Now it’s Paratroopers Brand New Rifle which looks fantastic in pink :smiley:

Download link : Zipped File here : Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Not Zipped File here : Dropbox - Resources - Simplify your life

Rifle images (sorry there is no 3rd person view but the gun looks pink no worries :slight_smile: )

SMG Haven’T changed but for ppl who never saw that before

Shotgun (will change if Paratrooper Makes a Mod for it)

For Ya’ll that don’T know how to intal Mods, just go in the Ressource folder of your game and put in the files there is in mine and boom ! done :smiley:

here is a screenshot of the earlier phase where i only changed SMG

Here is a glitch on the SMG

Here is the glitch on the shotgun (I personaly think it’s the funniest)

And here is the Glitch on my Rifle

I just tought it was funny and that i should share it with you guys



Also if you guys have a way to fix those glitches just let me know :wink: I’m not playing with modding everyday (this being the actual first time)

Sorry for the late video, i just didn’t had it ready yet :wink: 1st weapon is rifle… yea… 2nd is SMG and 3rd is shotgun


illuminati confirmed!

I’ve played around a little and ended up fixing everything :smiley: Gameplay of each weapon soon :wink: here is some screenshots just for fun :smiley:
The only thing im sad about i couldn’T reduce the Shotgun size in 3rd person so i had to nerf it to the basic one… it was to OP in game
Here are the Links to Imgur albums






So what your trying to say is you are happy about the glitch or…? :-\

get good

Not that i was happy but it made my laugh.

I got good don’t worry :wink:

So, you can kill people in style now, huh?


Here is a video of me using the rifle
Btw I’m not THAT good so … and I’m not the best editor in the world.


oh hai twodayudie! c: <3


I’m thinking of going back to Openspades modding but I hate making scopes… :expressionless:

…although when I do learn more C#, I’m gonna work on a p90 in Openspades, same with a marlin 60 with their own animations…

i’m pretty sure that OS guns are not scripted in C#, but instead AngelScript.

Just Pass it to me if you want them painted in Pink :smiley:
Don’t worry i won’t destroy it, i learnt from my past mistakes xD

Yea im pretty sure that’S right. If you want the real Answer, Paratrooper will be able to answer, he’s the one that made that Sick SMG, Well… not the pink version xD, so …

Well I’m pretty sure that’s obvious, but, Openspades itself is in C++ (but mostly uses AngelScript). And transitioning from C++ to C# isn’t that hard.
Sorry about the confusion.

I might put a Download for the guns if ppl are interested

Well first let’S start a poll to see how much ppl are interested in having pink guns

I’ve been playing around with the Rifle, it’s pretty good actualy the sights is accurate compared to OpenSpades classic sight which feel completly off centered

EDIT: I’ve added a Poll, It will End in 15 days :slight_smile:

The first answer is mine. :V

btw idk if you know this but the reason why your guns are odd is because of the pivots. They are a hell lot annoying. Maybe with slab6 you accidentally messed with the pivots.

I ended up fixing them somehow ???
How, i can’t really tell, i just know that the sights are pinpoint accurate

I guess i’ll have to get a download link setted up lol.

Pink 4 lyfe!


you should make the default Openspades guns pink just so you avoid releasing other peoples’ mods :slight_smile: