Twoday's little redstone shop

So I had the idea While watching a video on youtube where the dude kept complaining he didn’t have enough ressource for his needs, and i was like: dude that’s me and probably most of the ppl all the time! SO i went like: hum we need a shop where we can buy tons of building materials for a low low price. than i came up with this!

PS when i laugh at the spruce doors it’s because i got jokes with some friend with those doors :wink:


This will be a build at the spawn area?

I’ll certainly be buying uh, glowstone or NAMETAGS if you have any!!! :slight_smile:

Awesome build idea buddy :slight_smile:

Thx! As i said, it will be mostly some building materials so there won’t be any name tag. For glowstone… hum… if i manage to find enough of course! i might change the chest to a dropper or something like that to limit the numbers of stacks taken cause if ppl just come and take 1 chest each… thish shop will easily be taken down 3 days after it got built for a lack of ressources. I will put some chest for ppl that want to donate items too so hopefully i can keep this thing running for a while