two stage babel event idea

So a while back I got a idea for a special babel map &or a special babel event just to spice up the day and have some fun. The idea is to have two platforms on a babel map, one platform above the other. The goal is simple, retrieve both intels 5 or 10 times each. For the Towers to have any chance they will have to be massive instead of noodle towers So it would make for a very interesting map and some epic structures. Pretty much call it MegaBabel.

I’ve always wanted to try r1ctf babel… It would certainly be interesting.

I like that idea Ferrari Flunker, that would be very interesting and you would need a lot of skill to get the Intel in there base, skill as well as being smart in ways to get to the enemy base.

Also Isa I think your idea is good because nothing has really happened lately though the only problem with that is it would probably get boring as the map wouldn’t change for a long time.

There was this Pinpoint-only babel server where the tower were simply permanent (ie. no map rotation), so building would be larger, longer to destroy. Proper building would give several victories.
This server was ruined by squad abuses but it was fun nonetheless.