[TUTORIAL] creation arena maps with openspades

a tutorial easy to follow, this tutorial is done from openspades, if you do from the ace of spades should do the arena gates with the program voxed and then save it ( you can see this here  http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=8294.0 ), I do not use the voxed program so I do it from the openspades because it more easyer for me.

PSDATA: if you make the arena gates from the client ace of spades and later save it with /savemap, is 100% sure that the arena gates do not work properly since the blocks will have slightly different colors and the gate will not break completely.

Instead if you do the arena gates and you save the map with openspades it is sure that this work correctly.

tutorial video:

Scripts, map and format:

SCScripts.zip (41.3 KB)

script+map.rar (140 KB)

It is better to make an arena map with OpenSpades than with Ace of Spades.