Turn off 3D Wallhack Spotting BFBC2 and BF3 server?

3D Wallhack Spotting is just a rubbish feature turns Battlefield into a stupid Orange Triangle Shooting Game, which encourage noobs not to improve their skills how to search for enemy, I take enough of 3D spotting sxxt, no matter how many people complain on EA UK forum, those stubborn still add this garbage function into BF3, which make me very very angry, they just dumb down Battlefield series to please those noobs, which cross many BF fans who play the good old Battlefield games.

Anyone in this forum who also think that 3D spotting make this game not fun anymore? Who want this function turn off on the server? Please Vote!


Created a video showing how 3D spotting ruin the game.


i agree it ruins BFBC2

let’s see how it is in BF3 before we disable it though, it might be tweaked enough that it doesn’t ruin gameplay