[TS]Scroller Hacking

[TS]Scroller was hacking last week when i was on Pinpoint, decided to record it on my old PC.


First off, http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=191.0

Second, aren’t you permabanned?

Actually, I think he’s GBL’d.
(Same clan :L)

how ironic.

Sorry for not posting it on there, and has i can see no i’m not. Also how is is ironic. My hacking is in the past and i regret doing it.

Edit: Turns out Scroller isn’t an actual member, so I couldn’t care less if he gets banned

Oh so he is impostor?

YES! SO yeah he could get permbanned for all we (TS) cares.

That looks quite reasonable.
So is he being banned or is he still roaming the Aloha servers and hacking.

probs still roaming, they ban the IP, not the name.

I only posted this when i spotted him on KodiakAoS’s videos in Pinpoint then i remember recording him hacking on Aloha