trying out a 24/7 classicgen ctf server

PXYC has been suggesting a 24/7 classicgen server, i think it’s a great idea and worth a try.

look for “ ctf 24/7 classicgen” on the AoS play page or join directly: aos://1783510850:40887

  • always classicgen
  • auto map reset every 3 days
  • cap limit 3
  • average respawn time 8 seconds

Its always good to go back to the basics.

Is no one interested in this type of server, or does everyone flat out hate the idea?

I popped in there for a bit, the place was dead. Shame, I wanted some classic action! I like the idea of having a genmap going, I think it just needs time for players to realize its there.

Post the link on the right column on aloha’s home page with all the other servers.

Never will be classic with SMG and Shotgun :frowning:

I agree, izzy, can you eliminate smg and shotgun. And possibly sprinting.

You can’t, sadly. If ya want, you can contact homps/yourself/or danke and request that weapons other than the semi have completely no ammo. Maybe izzy- could then host a server with the script.

On Zombies, don’t we have a script that prevents zombieguns from doing damage? Why not use it for SMG/shotgun then?

^^^^What he said.

Well I’ll talk to Dany0 about getting that stuff together. More suggestions wanted!

I’ll try to make my Osama map to add in.

Honestly, I found it kind of boring. To me it is the custom made user maps that make this game awesome.

Well, that’s just your opinion and it’s ok. I partially agree.

I tryed it out for a bit and thought it was pretty fun…if only there could be 15+ players in game at 1 time though :frowning:

It’s only fun when it’s full.