Trusted Hackers

I mean seriously guys, there are so many trusted hackers on Babel and other servers. I don’t have any proof yet but come on guys research people before u make them trusted.

PS: a lot of trusted griefers too :b

We do check them.
Instead of being an idiot and saying that alot trusted members are breaking the rules, tell us names and we will gladly do a log search and investigate.

Sorry I didn’t write down the names :-.

Not to mention staff hackers too! We got tones of them!

On a serious note: If this is proven to be true, I think this topic should be moved to the ‘reort abuse’ section as since if the Trusted are breaking rules, it’s under the abuse category.

im able to sing a song about this :frowning:

alright next time i will remember their names and report :slight_smile:

Ok,i think a lot of people thanks you :smiley: