Transitioning to Battlefield 3

it was recently announced that Battlefield 3 servers will have to be rented from Ranked Server Providers, so unfortunately i won’t be able to host multiple servers on my colo’d box as planned. this means our BF3 expenses will be much higher than expected - RSPs are already asking $100+ per server! more money than colo! :frowning:

but i’m too excited about BF3 to not have our own server, so come launch day we’ll have a single 64 slot server in Los Angeles funded by me. look for it when you play!

that’s the good news. the bad news is the bills for our BFBC2 servers are due on September 15, and with the BF3 beta happening again this month and full release next month, i no longer have enough interest in BFBC2 to foot the server bills this time around. if you want to help keep either server online, please PayPal whatever you can to donate@this-site’s-domain. the fees are $25 for Los Angeles and $42 for Tokyo. i’ll match whatever you can. otherwise both servers will probably end up offline on the 16th.

it’s been a fun helo ride with you guys but i’m ready to move on, to Battlefield 3! i hope to play with you there. :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’ll move to BF3 after release, will host BF3 server in Asia? Or can I donate to support one?

our Asia provider hasn’t released pricing yet - i believe it will be much more expensive than USA. i’ll let you know when i find out.

i would love to have a server in Asia for us but i can’t fund it by myself. how much can you donate? i can probably match whatever you can or at least part of it. do you know anyone else who might be interested in helping?

so far the best price i can find for a 64 slot server in Asia is about $130 USD per month

i will keep my eyes out for a better deal

other providers are starting to release their BF3 pricing, looks like we could get Tokyo location for about $80 USD

64 slots? Sweet!

yep, pre-order price so likely to go up after release

Will you pre-order a tokyo server for BF3 during beta?

the Los Angeles server is already more than i’d like to spend, i’d need some help paying for a Tokyo pre-order

rented servers won’t be available until after beta on October 25 release day

Count me in, as I’d like to pitch-in on this new Aloha-BF3 Tokyo server also. Which makes 3 of us so far. These Aloha servers are the best chance for me to have a low lag, and abuse protected, server to use AND enjoy!

I hope we can find some more players willing to support the addiction… which for me, is definately better than wasting money boozing it up or watching movies every week just for short-term entertainment thrills.

Cheers to all who agree and are willing to help out!!! -Low Res

right on low res, it’s starting to sound like we can make this happen. harry, are you still in? i’m comfortable covering about 25% of the costs, maybe a little more.

the same provider we used for the Tokyo BFBC2 server is asking $82.56 per month for a 64 slot BF3 server in Tokyo. servers in Asia usually have extra fees so this is actually a pretty good deal.

keep in mind this is current pre-order pricing, so it might go up at any time. if we pre-order now we keep the current price forever even if it goes up later, and if it goes down later our fees adjust to the lower price. so we would only benefit by pre-ordering soonish before they have a chance to calculate pricing based on actual numbers from the upcoming open beta.

you can donate toward this server by clicking the “ChipIn!” button on the front page. if we can get it up to 75% i’ll cover the rest and pre-order the server.

Sounds good. Sorry to be gone for so long, work has been in the way.

Look forward to BF3! Just ordered Win7 and some add’l ram for the box.


hey locke, glad to know you’re gearing up. looking forward to blowing stuff up with you again! see you in the air :slight_smile:

sadly I don’t have any credit card to make donations :’(

plus that HKD $6000 still not in my hand yet… :-[

I’m in Batch 5