100% awesomeness ;D

The map was called “random” I am guessing that means it was randomly generated? Who knows.

Just had this awesome match, I started out on green and we pushed the blues back all the way to the islands. Then I switched teams. I built some cover for the blues and we were able to beat the greens back. We pushed them all the way back to the mountain pass. I destroyed the bridge so the greens couldn’t cross, but my stupid teammate TK’ed me then rebuilt it and charged ahead. He was slaughtered by a mass of angry greens who had just respawned and wanted their CP back. Needless to say the recaptured the point and then pushed us back to our last point. Then they set up snipers. The spawn killing was unbearable. This is when I ragequit.

But all in all it was a super fun match! Aloha should have an official ToW event, that would be insanely sweet.

Just to let you know Random is a randomly generated map! So you got it right :). The map is always different. mountains to the right on the map and forest on the left and a river splitting down the middle. I would also like a Match
MATCH FTW! Lets do it.

tow usually provides awesome gameplay, all you need is just more players, which that server doesn’t usually get.
I always look forward for it to get players, but I personally prefer TC over tow.

Yea random is the map generating API thingy made by Triplefox. Some maps are really nice particularly for babel as well. I used to play TOW a lot before I was admin but nowadays no one gets on like SnIpEr said so its not as fun as it used to be.

Yeah its good if it has a lot of people on it. I like the map with buildings and a train. and tanks.

I personally like the random map a lot, it’s great for building and tunneling. The diversity of the map is awesome!