This thread has been moved, so this one is no longer needed (just like the other one).


I can’t delete topics that I created… So sad.

Damn, that was better than “Fifty Shades of Grey” dude.

10/10 again.

Chappy is on a roll

yup Chappy is definitely on a roll
all of the sections
Talkstory :chappy
eh brah : CHappy
AOS :CHappy

Did I miss something here?

Only Chappy upping his post count.

No, it’s a thread that I moved and (like that other one) should be deleted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, why the hell has this gotten so may views!? I guess it’s just curiosity forcing them to click. ::slight_smile:

I watched it because I thought that this topic is a bug. “Re:.”
I thought what the fuck…

Now I know that this topic should be deleted.

Click for details


That is all.

3/10 would probably not bang

izz u gey?