Top Tier Ace of Spades player

Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum but not to the game.
I just want to express my admiration for a professional user whose precision never ceases to amaze me. His accuracy is impressive, and I have been blessed to witness his talents on his frequent visits to Babel server.

This time I decided to spectate him to perhaps learn his moves by replaying them in slow-motion later on. Anyway, I hope you enjoy his cultivated skills as much as I did and continue to do, as he is an avid player of Babel.


Uh oh. Looks like you didn’t /ping him. As far as we can tell these are totally legitimate shots.

Not really. Look at the way his rifle goes around, where it goes, and how - it snaps right away at the next target, right after target. People used to be banned before ovls too.

Is this guy serious?

How dare you call Miss Kiki a guy!
Anyway, she is sarcastic as far as I can tell.
Shouldn’t this be in abuse reports?

Could have been a pro player (in this case unlikely) but is very suspicious.

If you see him in game again please let us know through:
1.irc (quakenet channel #aloha using !highlight) (let us know which server)

  1. in game using /admin [in game name here] and reason (i.e /admin duece is hacking)

  2. using classic 0.75, pubovl, and a recording software like bandicam to record video evidence and post in abuse section

probably but imo i would say it wouldn’t be enough because for one its not using pubovl and two we don’t know if any lag was involved or similar things such as that.

I was making a joke how admins have refused to ban completely obvious hacks.

Still more legit than my grades.

It is true. By the way his head turns, we can already tell that he is using hacks. Well admins just want to be 100% sure of their bans so they won’t risk banning an innocent player by any chance.

That means you cheat…

I see. Then there is no incentive to even report cheats even when the violation is so obvious. Well, I guess is nice to know people on the inside to get away with it.

I post a crystal-clear video and it gets questioned because the evidence is ‘suspicious’ and ‘could have been a pro player’. And then I find these threads:


And yet, he’s obviously still allowed on the servers. I guess Asame was right and admins give special privileges to buddies. Alright enjoy your game gents.

While it’s fair to say that the seemingly suspicious reluctance to ban something really obvious might be special privileges, I think it’s really that they are too scared to remake the many mistakes they have made in the past and want to stick with a specific set of procedures for checking someone.

For this specific report, at time 0:35 it’s really clear that it’s aimbot and not a product of lag, especially how he autosnap to someone not even in his view and shoots at the floor. It’s unfair to discard this as not enough evidence.

So when a player unloads a whole clip non-stop, and every shot is a headshot, admins consider the possibility of that being a ‘pro player’? Are they really serious? Do they not login to the only Babel server every now and then and see that no matter the time of the day there is always someone using aimbot? Way to kill the game for legit players.

Asame never actually said that staff give special privileges to cheaters, and that will never happen.
also, you looking out abuse report threads of someone banned, pointing out that he’s playing after being banned? that’s not evidence of special privileges, just evidence of ban evasion, and of course he’ll be taken care of.

imo, the guy is cheating. considering there’s 6 messages all saying 0 dT and not one saying the actual delay between the volleys of shots, i’d say he’s using 8 bullet MB. the only way for someone to lag enough to get 6 “0 dT” messages for every shot is if he’s lagging immensely (think 2000ms lagspike), and since you clearly see his head move less than 30 degrees, and more than once per second, he doesn’t have that bad of a connection. going from that, I don’t know the basis of Nathan and Ferrari’s reasoning for denying the abuse report, but I’m absolutely sure it was good. they wouldn’t just deny it for no reason.
the only thing I’m actually distressed at is the fact you ‘made it a big deal’ after-the-fact.


there are more variables than shooting fast and getting headshots to being a haxor, you know.

yes! that’s how the haxors get banned :slight_smile:

Well, when I said I didn’t want to make it a big deal I kinda expected him to reply back and answer my concerns. The only reason I’ve even brought it up to this day is because Ferrari kept ignoring me when I told him his mistake. I messaged him a PM about it with pretty clear evidence as to not ‘make it a big deal’ but he ignored that too.


It was extremely upsetting when Nathan said: “In the future, please do /an” when my whole evidence was the /analyze.



When you’ve got a video showing this much evidence it’s automatic ban, at least in reality, but I guess the admins know what they’re doing, “there’s a method to our madness” they would probably say.

I recall having a rather in-depth PM discussion with you regarding this specific subject… As for ignoring you, I recall missing ONE personal message (according to you) from you, which I still can’t seem to find. So I wasn’t ignoring you, rather I didn’t receive a message from you… I can pull up our discussion if you have forgotten, that is no problem.

As for that hacker, I am extremely sorry that you feel the need for him/her to still be banned. The aloha staff has an understanding of what we do in different situations, and how we handle certain cases. This specific case simply didn’t have a sufficient amount of evidence to warrant a permanent ban.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

As for you ignoring me, I recall that I deleted the [ o ] and yet you changed it back without even fully discussing or addressing my last post.

As for the message: that in-depth discussion was me showing you the message you missed and you saying you’ll ask about the /an (which I don’t think you did if you still feel like your decision was just as there is a general consensus that multiple 0dT shots = multishot) I mean, if you couldn’t tell it was the zombie’s server and he was clearly killing the zombies quicker than normal even if the 0dT’s were due to lag.

As for feeling like he still needs to be banned: no I do not. That was nearly half a year ago and the only reason I bring it up is because the whole situation is the first thing I think about when it comes to seemingly bad admin decisions.

remeber i dont want to make this a big deal i know admins are always right in the end hahaa :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t want to argue about this, since I honestly don’t see either of our opinions switching from it anytime soon… Yet I don’t want to be seen as a negligent staff member either, so here goes.

An “x” on an abuse report means that the player has been banned, taken care of, etc. An “o” means that there wasn’t enough evidence provided or some other event that resulted in the player not being banned. So getting rid of that “o”, or putting it back up, really didn’t mean that the discussion was over. I simply didn’t reply because I believed that our discussion was over, based on your final comment.

PM Discussion

I really don’t see any evidence of me ignoring you in our conversation there… I answered truthfully and in a timely manner. Also, there were multiple things that went into the decision whether or not to ban this player, not only the possibility of lag.

I think atrain put this quite nicely by saying

And I’m not quite sure where you got the idea that “admins are always right”, because we definitely are not.


The evidence is pretty clear and objectively pointed to multibullet. That was my understanding, and I was looking for you to correct me. You either not fully elaborating what was faulty with my /analyze (see lag explaination below, pm, thread, etc) and explaination or not understanding what my evidence even was felt like you were ignoring me.

As for that “in-depth” discussion, that was hardly in-depth. The only new thing you actually said was that you were going to ask about the analyze system, and like I said before I don’t think you did if you actually still think the same way. I know lags affects it, I’ve seen some legit 0dT shots as a result from noticeably huge lag spikes, but, I reiterate, none of that coincides with the video of the shown magnitude of the 0ms dT.
I was looking for a bit more information if there was some faulty analyzing or if I didn’t know what /an was doing but no one told me otherwise.

Look I’m not talking about this because I want something to change or extremely upset with you anymore or whatever. This isn’t an argument, I’m just bring up old relevant information. I’ve said before I don’t really care about the fact that some hacker got away; this isn’t a really important issue, but there just hasn’t been anything near to closure of the one-sided discord between you and I.