Top 10 rotation

Hello, I hope you are well

I have made this thread especially for you to vote which rotation you want to be in the top10 of the arena server. <—

The rotation with the most votes will be the next to be placed in top 10.

The poll will last 5-7 days, so I’m waiting for your votes ^^

Thanks :smiley:

The results of the survey are as follows.

“avseafort, dedust2arena, avsmallfortress, de_dust, planeassault, nuketown, playground, de_mirage, avstorage, avsides”.
With 11 votes.

“avseafort, blueresort, avsmallfortress, playground, dedust2arena, fy_pool_day2.1, abandonedstronghold, nuketown, planeassault, sixhouse.”
With 7 votes.

“playground, planeassault, avseafort, prisionbreak, crossover, avvirtual, rigReloaded2.0, de_dust, nuketown, office”
With 4 votes

The rotation with the most votes was the winner and was already put to the new rotation.

Thanks for your votes ^^

-Lauraa :3-