Top 10 Maps

Ok, first of all why did you guys get rid of Top 10 maps? I know alot of people who really loved that server and really want it back.
Secondly, Are you ever gonna bring it back because as before I know alot of people who want it to be brought back. Lastly, Eggs.

It’s still there, only it’s called arena top maps now.


Apple Pie

Truthfully never played on that server before

Donkey breakfast

Why does it have 30 maps on it though? I think the reason people liked top 10 was because you didn’t have to wait 400 years for your favorite map to come up

I agree, I don’t play it anymore because I don’t get to play on the maps I love. Instead I usually play on Call of Liberty Top Ten Maps; although I would really rather play on an aloha server.

The original top 10 maps was awesome, since top maps came, there are barely any1 on now

Yeah Pigs and A White Guy and CaptainPro, when I play Top maps I don’t like the slow map rotation. I want mah favourite maps!

I say we have a revote of the maps on top 10s(if someone decides to change topmaps back) just to make sure they are still #1 for everyone

Top maps was the best :’(

They have put it back!

The rotation is the same as it used to be!

Hallelujah! ;D