To the Admin at aloha server in Tokyo

Hi, I’ve been playing your server and it seriously rocks!

Unfortunately the past few days, there is a person, by the nick of oreiti.

Zero rank, but keeps coming in to the server, hogs a tank and then occupies the helipad.

Meaning, no new heli’s can spawn. Which greatly disadvantages the team.

This person does it all round, and even switches team.

I hope the server admins can do something about this.

As of now, when I’m typing this, he is still occupying the helipad with the tank, and many players are getting pissed off.

thanks for reporting this, he is now banned

glad you like the server

Thanks Izzy, its a great server.

There is another one as well by the name of SM Member. Hogging the helipad as I type, same thing as oreiti.

I’ve taken screenshots this time. Will be glad to put it up as proof if you require.

Sorry, his actual nick is SM_Member

i believe you, but it’s always best to post evidence

SM_Member is now banned

thanks again :slight_smile:

are you interested in being an admin? we played together before and i get a sense of friendliness from you so i think you would be a good addition to the server. let me know!

Just for the record. :slight_smile:


Hi Izzy,

There is another dude, nicknamed Tubachan.

He doesn’t hog the helipad, but he takes a tank and fires at the helis when spawned.

unfortunately, I can’t furnish proof of this in terms of screenshots or FRAPs recording.

Hope you can do something about it.

ok, banned him

so what do you think about being admin?

i could use your help

Alright. I think I can help.

Just had bad run in with this dude making racial remarks and using the VADS to pwn our own heli.

Where do I sign up?


you should be good to go. check the admin forum for a list of in-game commands. you must use your D1shonour player to access the commands. let me know if you have any problems. thanks!