[TNH] =\+/ Top Notch Hitmen \+/= Aloha Server Clan

I’m starting a Aloha PK Server Clan! Basically, we play all Aloha.pk Server’s. We only have a few requirements:
-Must have Skype
-Must have a Mic
-After you’re accepted, Remove all AoS Files and re-download, after you do make your name
“[TNH]NameHere” For example, my name is: [TNH]Husky
-When you get accepted add “PetitPker” On Skype.
-Don’t rage for no reason. If you’re like 0-10, then, you may start to rage :stuck_out_tongue:
-I ask that you are active atleast for 10+ Hours per Week, after all, we all have personal lives.

==Application Forum==

Have Mic?:
How Active are you?:
What Aloha Server do you play the most?:
Average kills per game you would say?:
Willing to be coopertive in-game with your teamates to WIN and not for Kills?:
How Old are you?:

you’d be better off making this post on the Ace of Spades forum.

Didn’t we recently have another guy do this for another clan?

Stole Reki’s idea :smiley:

no no on, you didn’t highlight the thing… YOU DID IT WRONG

:C Life is now ruined :stuck_out_tongue:

:C Life is now ruined :stuck_out_tongue:

THIS is more like it