Tips for Arena mode?

Hi all,

Does anyone have some tips for arena mode?
(Most likely to be believed if you have a positive ratio there ;).)


Not a great arena player, but here are some basic tips:

1. Learn the maps. This can give you a huge advantage over the enemy, especially if you know all the usual camping spots.
2. Listen for footsteps. They give away yours or your enemy’s location. So keep that in mind, if you are stuck in a 1v1.
3. Improve your game sense. A good player knows when to push, to defend, to help or just do bugger all.
4. i[/i] Use the SMG. It’s pretty great at all distances and if combined with crouchspamming can become a huge annoyance.
5. Keep good communication in your team. This doesn’t usually happen in the arena servers, but if it does, it helps a lot.

This is just off the top of my head, hope that helps!

Aside from what’s already been mentioned

Most important
Minimap-Seeing friendlies drop off the map and bullets whizzing around gives you an extremely accurate idea of where the enemy is and their strength at a particular location. Seeing where your friendlies are tells you where the enemy is not likely to be. A favorite tactic of mine is to use AFKs to determine if an enemy is at my base.

Cover-Short range combat+lots of smg+grenade spam makes being ready to take advantage of cover a necessity for long-term survival. The right positioning around a single tower of 2 blocks can work wonders.

Moderately important
Being on the Aloha Discord-Hackers are attracted to arena like flies to poo, because it is practically impossible to get a votekick going.

Surprise-Positioning yourself in a hidden corner, a sparsely used camping spot, etc. is great for last stands/enemy hordes. Most arena players follow a pattern of movement and observance based on what they’ve learned to expect from multiple playthroughs.

Less important
Grenade aim+timing-Grenades are especially useful for flushing out campers behind cover due to block invincibility, but due to the significant nerf nades have on arena, they are less important than on other servers.

what i do is just play passively and hold off angles. when there’s like 2-3 left, you want to be very aggressive.

i generally use rifle, but change depending on the play-style of the map.

Just play, this game you can’t really get good without playing a long time, true for most any game to be honest.