"Tio Nikola" Inconsistencies (ESP)

1) What’s the name of the player who abused the rules?
“Tio Nikola”

2) How were they abusing the rules?
ESP (Wall hack)

3) When did this occur?

4) Evidence:
2024-06-10_23-14-59_3782433610_32000.demo (73.7 MB)

Inconsistency timestamps:

18:34 Aims at Erg;
18:45 Aims at grederctlg;
18:53 Aims at “El omar xD”;
19:13 Aims at Erg;
19:55 Aims at Erg;
20:48 → 22:16 A LOT of possible inconcistences.

The full video has almost an hour. Nikola get it at 18:00. I do not watched the full video (i think then the described inconcistences are enough), i would be grateful if a moderator could monitor the rest more closely! (especially when it becomes plays based on possible herded sounds).

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Hey Pedro, good catch. Banned him for ESP, thanks for reporting :slight_smile: