Time to party like it's 2014!

  1. build an in-game AoS structure that reads, “2014

  2. take a screen shot of said structure

  3. upload the screen shot to http://imgur.com and link it in a reply to this topic (or attach/upload directly to aloha.pk in the reply form)

readable screen shots will be moved to this first post and appear on the front page of aloha.pk in the order that they were submitted.

happy new year!

My official submition ^

I have another pic that I would like to share tho, exacly two years ago I did the same thing on supercoolbuild, today I replaced the last number with 4. http://i.imgur.com/fVfJ7Nd.png

[shadow=yellow,left]Happy New year[/shadow]

Here is my attempt!

I know it sucks… Didn’t take me very long.
But, here it is:

Please help I dont know how to take a screen shot!

Just press “Print Screen” on your keyboard, go to paint and press ctrl+v, save that picture, upload to imgur, and there you go.

or press “prnt scrn” and go to http://imgur.com/ and press ctrl+v
BR taught me this less than a week ago.

Welp, you could tell at one point it was taken in game… but I got carried away in photoshop :frowning: but happy new year anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the annual ball drop in New York. It took 3 hours to make! Hope you like it! ;D

By Kiwi and Timi <3