This is what you get when Nuke script is on and your all at the same place.

This is what you get when you have the intel,and stay in the same place when it is the Nuke script.

Surviviors:Me,Danke and KomradeDakeku.
Half survivors(They left half the game):Tobi9sc.
Lagged out:{EPIC}Wayne

A) I lagged out
B) dakeku and u died twice(In my definition of surviving)
C)Danke was the true survivor

although we had fun :smiley:

Yeah, it was really fun to avoid getting barraged by airstrikes, Nice game guys.

No when we were staying to have a nice cup of tea,we never died.although it was really close.

very fun :slight_smile:

What server?

Hobohob ask Danke for the server.

What map?

Ask Danke for the map because he’s the one who made it and I forgot what it’s called.

Something Metro.

…Sounds Fun!

It is!!! ;D

Nah, it’s not…it’s Very Fun!! :smiley:

I have the urge of abit of Turret Now…

Yeah, me too.

Damn, wish I was there

It was awesome!!! 8)

Korvosa Metro, the only map currently available for fallout.