thinking about changing los angeles server to rush harvest day/cold war/oasis

the los angeles heavy metal server has been pretty quiet lately and competition from other heavy metal servers isn’t helping so i’m thinking about changing it to rush mode with these settings:

map rotation: harvest day, cold war, oasis
3D spotting: off
kill cam: off
third person vehicle cam: off
all other settings default

those are the only other maps i still play besides heavy metal and i don’t know of any other servers on the NA west coast using that rotation. this config is just my personal preference so if you don’t like it and/or are totally in love with heavy metal let me know because i’m just thinking out loud.

of course as soon as i make this thread the server fills up and stays full.

hmm what to do, what to do. leave los angeles heavy metal the way it is and try this config on a new server? maybe!