There is a problem with my loggin in babel.

As I see, I start session when playing in Babel and nothing happens. I see that all the others do but I do not. Solve it to me And if it is necessary I send them tests in private because I can not show my password for many reasons.

Another player had the same issue and they told me logging out from and logging back in solved it for them. Cannot guarantee that it will work but you have nothinf to lose.

This has been brought up many times already. Logins are down because of network related issues and the admins are trying to fix it.

The ability to login for me has come and gone.

Hello to all who answer on this topic.

Well first of all, spykaps, I always do that, but what? It has never worked for me now that I realize. Secondly, when will you solve this problem? I just want to go back to normal and play ordinary.

Thank you.