The world map

This is a render of the world map. It’s not the entire size, it’s about 250x250, centered at (0,0). Which means it cuts off after that, so sorry if you live really far out. I tried rendering the whole thing, crashed my computer when looking at the picture. 800mb in size, 320,000 pixels by 160,000.

It’s a large picture, at ~50mb. Old New

Why don’t you use pigmap? Assuming you’re using Windows, just compile it with cygwin.

I was going to try that last night, but then I was like “pshh, lazy.” So I’m doing it now.

I used MC mapper, and the map looks really great. The dropbox link just isn’t working for people…

It’s just a blank image.

I got that too…basically, too large to conseivably render on the webpage.
Right click, “save image as”. Save the 50 MB image. Open it up, wait a bit for it to load (~2 minutes for me), profit.

Can we get dynmap?





i put up a Google Maps version of this bad boy here:


Jyro the one that you linked looks pretty good too. it would be worth having for the real-time interaction…

You can see the sign I placed after sailing all the way to the east. :’)


ok got this one up too:

note it only shows active/loaded chunks, so if no one is online you won’t see anything

you can chat from the bottom and move your mouse to the far right to change view settings

Thanks Izzy, and who ever else helped.

I reloaded it with a higher resolution and full render, so now we can see the entire map! :smiley:

Creative mode is actually (nearly) impossible to get. The ingame command is disabled.

Um, since like…The beginning of September.

I personally think creative mode is OK for building things like cities in public maps, maybe like to make the spawn area safe, but I don’t know.

For the public server, I was thinking we could have protected cities (well, more izzy was thinking), which of course we’d create in creative. That would be part of the server set-up.

Now, it’ll be tricky finding the right plugins for all of this st00f.